two coffee cups on little plates image

there is a hint of a new beginning, it’s very light and fragile, it can be lost if it’s not encouraged, there is a woman with curly hair, she’s leaning on the trail in front of you, she’s there, or possibly she was there, her hair is waiting for you.

a black hole, dead end, you are going to start something and it will end up disastrously, very bad, although it seems to have a very white start.

you are under a great deal of pressure but you will receive, gain something valuable, also you seem to be distracted a lot.

this makes me think about a king with a crown and a beard.

there is a double faced person, just behind your back. Could be a close friend of yours that you don’t suspect of betrayal. I can see a cat, which means that a quarrel will disrupt your life, but only for a very short time. It may be related with that unreliable friend of yours. There is a bird too, just next to the cat, which means news – good news, because I can see a big dog – a symbol of reliable friends. They will help you to deal with your problems, after that, there is a brighter future ahead of you (white wide line that goes through all the cup) - it means all these changes will have a positive impact on your life, in the end...

I think I see some people, to the left hand side, one person looking into the ‘emptiness’ and two people standing closer together, behind is a person in a pose that suggests that they want to say something, or do something, or get this person’s attention. But he/she is unaware of it.

a good friend of yours will help you meet your other half (a bit like a blind date). There are some people who will feel very protective of that relationship. That friend of yours, the one responsible for the future relationship has somebody angry with him but that person will not harm him because he has a guardian angel on his side.

coffee cup image