two coffee cups on little plates image

I first saw an animal, it seems to be a nice one, perhaps a friend but you are going through a bad time, fortunately there is a friend who will help you to go through these hard times.

there are two clear, and very different, separate roads, so perhaps journeys... and there is maybe a figure sitting down, and another one, a man standing in front of her (the one sitting down is a female) and explaining or telling her something.

there are 2 people who are angry with each other or mad at each other. You can see on the right side 2 white silhouettes.

your troubles are coming to an end. You’ll face lots of happiness & abundance in your life. Something good will happen in 7 days or you might fall in love (another good thing). Two of your plans will be successful.

there are 2 small roads on the side, they should be taken advantage of.

a hug or a dancer seen
from above.

it’s as if you are biting your own tail and days are passing by, nights too and only this morning you stopped to listen and look... around you.

there are 2 roads in front of you but they seem to be closed.

something was happening in the house. more conversations, people.... especially another person that you see a lot lately, looks like lots of late night chatting, but very nice. You feel good and there is also a heart in there, you are happy. Two plans that are coming out or two roads in your way, the first one will come out later than expected but the second will go as planned. Opposite to the two plans/roads i cannot figure out much as it is not very clear because of the angle the photo is taken. I think I’m taking this too seriously, please, take all this with a huge pinch of salt.

coffee cup image