two coffee cups on little plates image

I can see you walking down a very, very thin line, like a wire or something, you are holding tight onto a cloud and then start going down the biggest mountain there is, towards a huge pillow filled up with feathers, you lend on it very softly and you stop wanting to do anything because everything has turned into a big blue sky with lots of clouds that are taking you somewhere. Something will happen even though the feathers have nothing to do with chickens. The coffee cup never lies. Not much at least.

you will have a trip to a desert, dust and wind, night and day it will be a trip to remember.

a fishbowl or little child in the belly of a future mother or perhaps a vase with water during an earthquake.

life full of happiness, joy & abundance.

must say, I don’t see much. Something that has been bothering you has gone and you are left relieved. There is an older man thinking about you, maybe some news from him or just a call, that’s all.

I like this one, but I cannot say I see anything. If I really use my imagination I could maybe see an ultrasound-scan, baby-like shape, as if someone has cut out a part of the baby scan, one of those that some people put on their fridge (how inappropriate) when they are expecting a baby.

this person is pregnant, it seems like a big stomach and there is a white thing in it. She will also take a journey on a train. This persons’ or her child’s name will start the letter “F” or will include that letter.

coffee cup image