two coffee cups on little plates image

you’ll go to a gathering where you will see lots of people dancing, it could be a wedding, it all looks like a flower, maybe it will be an outdoor event.

you are surrounded by words, they are all around you but you look very yellow among them.

this one is just beautiful, it reminds me of my grandmotherís hand carvings, one of those intricate, finely made pieces that I think were a sign and a mark of those times, that show how much skill and patience people devoted to everyday things, and that I believe will never be the case again.

you are or will be completely centred. Happiness & lots of joy ahead of you.

a pattern by the artist Carla Accardi or the sand on the beach.

a friend might be pregnant but she will be well supported.

you had some doubts about a plan, but you might take the plunge as it brings you luck or rather, there are no obstacles for the completion of it. You have something from the past that is bothering you or maybe that is the reason for you to doubt yourself. Apart from that there is nothing and there are lots of monotonous days ahead. You might hear some news but nothing alarming.

there is an alligator, not scary though, very playful, anyway the main attention is on the two elephants tirelessly pushing their way through the piles of crap that signify everyday life.

this remind me of what my grandma used to say when reading coffee, you see dreams that u canít recall, your heart is talking to you and you are hearing it.

coffee cup image