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The Little Shop of Coffees is an online storytelling project based on coffee cup readings. Coffee cup reading is a traditional way of fortune telling by interpreting the patterns and shapes created by coffee grounds.

The way the symbols are interpreted and also the way the ritual is performed varies from country to country. Commonly the cup is covered with the saucer and turned upside-down, the coffee grounds are given time to dry against the cup before a reading begins.

When we started this little project we were mostly interested in the social and creative aspects of this tradition. We saw it as a way of bringing people together, helping them open up and giving them a starting point for a dialog, we loved the fact that the readings often have strong storytelling elements to them and that they are often very poetic.

Different people will see different symbols and shapes in these coffee grounds and they will have different interpretations for them so the end result can be often unexpected and dare we say, a tiny bit magical.

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It's been a rather quiet week in the world of coffee cup readings so we decided to fill this space with some completely made up predictions and statistics.

More than 700 kgs of ground coffee is consumed every hour worldwide. We have very positive feelings towards numbers 24 and 33. If you win the lottery playing with these numbers please don't forget who you got them from. 17% of people would consider making an important life decision based on a coffee cup reading. The ladies winner of Wimbledon 2012 will be Serena Williams.

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