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Please make your coffee cup reading by using the form below, we are really, really looking forward to reading it. When you roll your mouse over the image on the right you should be able to see a grid appearing over it, in case any parts of your reading are related to a particular area of the cup please let us know what area that is. Unless you instruct us otherwise we might use your redings on this website or in any future projects resulting from this site.

It would also be fantastic to learn a little bit about you, it can be anything, where you come from, colour of your eyes, your age, gender, your annual consumption of tuna... Thank you so very much for taking the time to do this.

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In your cup there is a duck in a space suit. I believe it means you should duck before spacemen get you. Unless you want to be abducted by aliens, in which case, enjoy the ride!!
info about the reader: 21+(20) years old mum of 1, full time artist at heart awaiting lottery win to become full time artist in reality :-)

I see a horse rearing on its hind legs. It's had a shock. Perhaps it heard a noise or something jumped out in front of it. Its a big proud animal. And it has been running because its body is steaming and its nostrils are flairing. I don't know why it has been running but behind it I see smoke and hear faint shouts, very far away. Maybe its on a mission, bringing news or a message. Maybe its just scared. Even horses get scared sometimes.
info about the reader:6'1'' Male, european white caucasian, 32 years old, dark blonde hair, seeks barista, 18 - 68, for coffee and conversation.

you need to be more in touch with nature. don't forget where you came from. don't forget what's important. you can't remove yourself from the things that surround you. rather than fight it accept it with an open heart.

accept that there are certain forces stronger than you. there is some kind of order that you cannot change. again, just let it be. don't keep banging your head against the wall.
info about the reader: n/a

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