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Please make your coffee cup reading by using the form below, we are really, really looking forward to reading it. When you roll your mouse over the image on the right you should be able to see a grid appearing over it, in case any parts of your reading are related to a particular area of the cup please let us know what area that is. Unless you instruct us otherwise we might use your redings on this website or in any future projects resulting from this site.

It would also be fantastic to learn a little bit about you, it can be anything, where you come from, colour of your eyes, your age, gender, your annual consumption of tuna... Thank you so very much for taking the time to do this.

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there is a lot to be learnt. be open to possibilities. trust that all will be fine. don't focus just on one, single thing. let your thoughts and ideas be free and playful.

h rest. renew yourself. start afresh. find beauty where no one else can see it. happiness is not what you think. let it come to you. stop chasing it.

i there will always be support there for you to fall back on. use it as springboard.

overall don't try so hard to be who you think you should be. rather than trying to hide that innocent child inside of you, let it lead you. be true to yourself and you will be looked after.
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